Mamfe is a city and capital of the Manyu

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A dynamic young politician in the person of Lord Mayor Ayuk John Takunchong is rising.He is writing his name boldly in the political history of Manyu Division and Mamfe Central in particular.With his youth if given an added support he can go further.
Thanks to the C.P.D.M. party that the talent of this dynamic young man is being portrayed in the lamplight. His ambition for greater accomplishment for the people of mamfe central was easily notice by his party hierarchy, as he was chosen to run under the C.P.D.M ticket for the second consecutive time in upcoming municipal election come 30th September 2013.
To double the speed for development that we all witnessed in his 1st mandate; The population of Manyu division and Mamfe central Sub-Division are called upon to to double their speed of development by rallying behind their community developmental wizard Ayuk Takunchong. This is to ensure continuity in the process of social cultural, economic and structural development in the municipality of Mamfe.
Having evaluated and affirmed previous and recent achievement of Ayuk John Takunchong and conscious of the need to enshrine Mamfe in to the kingdom of emerging communities come 2035, there is absolute need to rally behind the and make the 30th of September another feasting day for we the people of Mamfe and for the future, which we sure will be well piloted by our humble servant Ayuk John Takunchong.
We all know that the election will not be an easy one this time, it is not only C.P.D.M alone that is contesting in Manyu there are other political party like C.D,P and P.A.P. who are also fighting to have some councils and seats in parliament.The cannibal of persons file in by others political parties can not be underestimated, it is time for us to join like one family, which is the C.P.D.M family and fight the common enemy which is the opposition.For us to accomplish this task registered members who are militants of the C.P.D.M should collect their voters card, as you all know the voters card will be our weapons used in fighting come 30th September 2013.
Once more I am soliciting the support of all BEXSANS and MAGSOSANS to rally behind our one time hero which has make us proud in the soccer world of yesterday.
He was our hero who always make us proud in spite of all odd against him,he always guarantee victory for us.His passion for people has make him an agent of development because he will never relent his effort when his people are not satisfied.This great guest of his, has given the spirit to transformed Mamfe in to an emerging town come 2035, as you all known this is in line with president Paul Biya great accomplishment programmes by the year 2035.
By Emmanuel Obi Etta